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Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout feed is formulated and produced based on the latest nutritional standards and extrusion technology. This feed is made of high quality and high digestible ingredients, such as a variety of fish meal, soybean meal, vegetal protein concentrate, wheat flour, wheat gluten, corn gluten, gelatin, fish oil, vegetable oil, mineral and vitamin premixes and immunostimulants.

The features of the feed are as follows:
• Regular shapes, proper flotation and immersion in water
• Fast and uniform growth in fish farms.
• Increase survival rate and reduce skeletal abnormalities.
• High digestibility and decrease in waste.
• Improved microbial flora in gastrointestinal tract and increased resistance against diseases and stress.
• Variation in grower sizes, suitable for all types of farming systems (typical economic feed, special feed, pigmented feed and feed Immunoplus).
• Exclusive Formulation for brood stock feed in order to meet the nutritional requirements during the process of egg and sperm maturation, increased fecundity of brood stock, improved egg quality and reduced loss in larval stage, shorter recovery and preparation for next spawning season.