Faradaneh | Aquatic Animals Feed Producer

Sturgeon Extruded Feed

Sturgeon is an extremely valuable species because of its caviar. Decline in the population of this fish, as well as the complexity of their feeding habits and lack of the knowledge about their diet have turned sturgeon feed production into a very specialized industry. Faradaneh sturgeon feed has been formulated based on the latest scientific findings from all around the world and in cooperation with experts in sturgeon aquaculture industry.

High quality and easily digestible ingredients that are used in the feed include: a variety of high-quality fish meal, soybean meal, vegetal protein concentrates, wheat flour, wheat gluten, corn gluten, gelatin, vegetable and fish oils, lecithin, mineral and vitamin premix, immunostimulants and attractant materials.
Some unique characteristics of the feed are as follows:
• Providing all nutritional requirements at different stages of fish life.
• Well-balanced digestible protein and digestible energy ratio.
• Appropriate profile of amino acids and fatty acids.
• Utilization of specific mineral and vitamin supplements to Sturgeon
• Usage of bioactive compounds and appetizing substances that enhance palatability
• Increased growth and reduced feed conversion ratio.
• Usage of immunostimulants for enhancing the immune system and resistance against disease and stress.
• Increased Survival rate and reduced abnormalities.