Faradaneh | Aquatic Animals Feed Producer

Shrimp Feed

Faradaneh shrimp feed is produced to meet all nutritional requirements of Vannamei shrimp, and is based on the latest scientific findings as well as the aquaculture conditions in Iran. The feed is made of high quality and easily digestible Ingredients using the press pellet machinery.

The major components in the feed include a variety of high quality fishmeal, squid liver powder, fish and vegetable oils, lecithin, soybean meal, vegetable protein concentrates, wheat gluten, wheat flour, vitamin and mineral premix, attractant materials, immunostimulants and chitin sources.

The distinctive features of the feed are:
• Completeness and appropriate nutritional balance.
• Optimum growth and reducing feed conversion ratio (FCR)
• Improvement of the immune system and increasing the resistance against diseases and stressors (especially osmotic stress).
• Suitable uniform sizes without dust.
• Stability in water and high digestibility, thereby maintaining water quality conditions.
• Increasing the chance of the survival, especially in the larval stage.
• Usage of appetizer and attractant materials to meet the best feed intake.
• Usage of a variety of nutrients and additives in order to improve the growth and increase the survival.