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Horse Feed

This feed is produced to meet the specific requirements of stud and purebred mares and stallions, and is formulated in the mixed form. This feed is made of two parts: pelleted and processed grains (steam flaked). Some advantages of the processed feed are: improvement consumption behavior by making the feed more palatable, increasing digestibility and feed efficiency, gelatinization of grains starch, increased the digestibility of starch in the small intestine, reduced microbial fermentation in the rectum, and reduced additional costs (by decreasing the cost of transport and space for storage).

Feed features:
1- Nutrient profiles adjustments based on nutritional needs of pregnant mares, stallions and young horses.
2- High-quality protein for muscle development.
3- Well-balanced vitamins and minerals for the growth and bone development in young horses, also improving the mares and stallions fertility.
4- Flaked grains (with steam) to enhance digestion, providing energy and Improved feed performance