Faradaneh group was founded in Shahrekord industrial zone in 2004 by a team of fish farmers and aqua feed experts with tacking advantages of advanced machinery and technology to guarantee high-quality products and set up a well-known brand. In 2008 Faradaneh launched a variety of efficient production lines for different aquatic animal species feeds.

Faradaneh is a specialist in developing, producing, and marketing fish feed. Our experienced specialists guarantee high-quality, innovative fish feed. We apply our knowledge in order to develop the most suitable fish feed for each fish species in each stage of life.
Every day, Faradaneh team of more than 450 employees work hard to respond as best as possible to market requirements and demands. Delivering quality, innovation, and service are central to our business operations.
We also benefit of an extensive network of specialized agents and distributors to ensure high product quality. We export our fish feed to more than eleven countries worldwide.

Faradaneh is known in the market as a technical specialist that produces high-quality fish feed. With benefit of top-notch R&D team consists of well recognized university professors and senior industry experts who control and monitor scientific, educational and production process by well-equipped chemical, microbiology and biotechnology laboratories and pilot plant, we continuously work on perfecting our current fish feeds and developing new fish feed that caters to market demands. Faradaneh has a wide and close cooperation in science, research and technology with several well recognized universities and research institutes with remarkable achievements.
Now, Faradaneh is the largest aqua feeds producer in Middle East by an annual output of over than 100.000 tons. Ranking the company as the number one in annual production and sale volumes for both export and domestic markets.
The diligent staff at Faradaneh value hard work and integrity, and look forward to the future as a key player in the industry. Faradaneh will continue to grow and improve as we set forth in to an ever-growing world. With the history of providing high quality production and services for customers, Faradaneh has proven it’s willing to go above and beyond itself. Pursuing excellence and seeking success with globalization becoming ever more prevalent. Faradaneh would like to extend a warm invitation to join with global partners and customers to create a brighter future.